Cyborg of the Week: Citlali Vega

Student of the Week

How long have you been in the team?

2 years

What current year are you in?


Why did you join robotics?

A friend wouldn’t stop bothering me to join and I finally caved.

What made you stay?

My first year I didn’t feel like I did much, so I came back to do more and to see friends I made.

How do you feel you contribute to the team?

Well obviously I run the website, but I also feel like I can contribute things such as showing the new kids the ropes and making sure they have someone to confide in.

What have you learned over the years?

How to manage a website, how much work goes in behind the scenes of robotics, not just the robots but the sponsors and the social medias.

Favorite memory in Robotics?

After the Vulcan safety meeting, we played Jeopardy with the information we learned and then had chicken after.

Fun fact about yourself?

I want to major in Special Education, preferably in the high school setting.