Cyborg of the Week: Gabl

How long have you been in the team?

I joined during my sophomore year.


What current year are you in?

I’m currently in my senior year.

Why did you join robotics?

I was looking to be involved in engaging and intellectual extracurricular activities that would benefit my potential of going into a STEM field.

What made you stay?

I stayed for the sense of community and family built in the team, as well as the importance of every member.

How do you feel you contribute to the team?

I’ve been reliable, helping out wherever it’s been needed, along with training new members.

What have you learned over the years?

I’ve learned how to construct things out of basic materials, I’ve also learned how to write in formal and informal manners.

Favorite memory in Robotics.

Constantly saying “we’re going to worlds” when we made it to worlds.

Fun fact.

I can square three digit numbers in my head.