The Joliet Cyborgs History

The Joliet Cyborgs started when the University of Illinois Extension program reached out to the district to start a First Robotics Competition team. The University of Illinois Extension program helped provide a sponsor for Joliet Cyborgs. With a handful of students, our original mentors started the program which had a less than perfect start. Three years after the Joliet Cyborgs started, they were able to gain a work space located at the district office and were able to finally get a team structure within the group. The first robots created by the Cyborgs were low functioning but the team persevered and have attended World Championships in 2016 and 2017. The team continues to grow with the help of sponsors some of which have been with the team since the beginning. Joliet Cyborgs appreciates the efforts of the school district, mentors, teacher and sponsors who make the program possible. The program reaches out to a diverse community of learners and provides the students with skills that can only be learned beyond the classroom.